Over the years SuVy has developed capabilities within the supply chain to source quality products for our customers through our innovative supply chain. With a dedicated team and systems and process in place, we have been sourcing quality products from artisan groups spread out across the country on time.

Our Producer Communities-

Location of Community: Bhagalpur, Bihar

Number of skilled artisans: 250

Craft: Silk and Cotton weaving

Products: Scarves, Stoles, Sarees

Location of Community: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Number of Skilled Artisans: 150

Craft: Block and Screen printing by hand

Products: Quilts, Bedspreads, Table linen, Bags, Scarves, Stoles


Location of Community: Murshidabad, West Bengal

Number of Skilled Artisans: 100

Craft: Jute weaving

Products: Fabric, Bags, Trivets


Jewellery Clusters

SuVy has been working with groups of artisans who are skilled in glass beads and wooden beads in Uttar Pradesh with a assembling and quality testing unit in Noida.

Location of the community:  Purtil Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Number of artisan:  25

Craft: Hand glass blowing

Products: Glass Beads


Location of the community:  Shambhal & Amroha, Uttar Pradesh

Number of artisans:  10

Craft: Wood carving

Products: Wooden beads, bangles, Boxes, Coasters, Bowls, Serving spoons


Location of the community:  Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Number of artisans:  50

Craft: Jewellery making

Products: Necklace, Bracelets, ear-rings, accessories


Location of Community: Radhanpur, Gujarat and NCR, Delhi

Number of artisans: 1000

Craft: Embsroidery

Products: Scarves, Stoles, Dress, Jackets, Bags, Cushion covers, Bed Spreads